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Our topics

Eat Healthy, Be Wealthy
Be Kind To Your Mind!
Be Smart, Don’t Start
Life On, Internet Off
Move Your Life
Together in a Good Spirit

Project Summary

A student’s health and well-being is dynamic and changeable.

Schools and parents inform about healthy life choices and deepen understanding of what constitutes good health choices.
Schools present learning opportunities that build upon family and cultural experiences and allow for critical analysis of media, advertising and peer conformity.
Schools have a responsibility to teach, model, build behaviour practices and implement curriculum requirements that support a learning environment where the connection of learning about health and well-being is supported by balance of actions across a whole school approach.

For these reasons, we, five schools from Europe, have come together to draw attention to the importance of mental as well as physical health at school. We have decided to work on six sub-topics. Our project lasts two years – from 2020 to 2022. This website documents our journey.