Cartesius Lyceum, Onderwijsstichting Esprit Netherlands

The Cartesius Lyceum is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is part of the Onderwijsstichting Esprit. The school offers education for havo, atheneum, and gymnasium.

The Cartesius Lyceum is committed to inclusivity and global citizenship, which is reflected in its diverse student population and curriculum. The school encourages an open attitude towards each other and society.

The school’s name is inspired by the French philosopher Cartesius (Descartes), and it has adopted his motto: “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am).

In the field of international student exchanges, the Cartesius Lyceum stands out for its commitment to broadening students’ horizons, challenging them to look beyond their own boundaries, and encouraging them to think about their role in society.

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