Exchange in a Box

Even if meeting in person in a “traditional” exchange is difficult due to restrictions (Covid-19), we are still staying in touch.

Letters, postcards, parcels are being sent all across Europe. Here are some pictures of parcels being sent and received.

A tube from France? And a wonderful poster for the schools’ Erasmus+ Corner.

Writing postcards, presenting local attractions and wildlife to all partner schools:

Chosing postcards
Writing postcards

A parcel from Spain: Chocolate and more – and a chance to contact partners via social media channels 🙂

An envelope from Turkey with lots of wonderful decoration. Thank you!

September 2021 – January 2022

Word clouds – Relationships

After watching the movie “The Cure” and during a time of “homeschooling”, students created word clouds on the topic of “Relationships”. Here are just some examples.

Sailing together through difficult times on a ship called friendship
Two people

January 2021

Friendship – An exploration of words and feelings

Everybody is talking about friends – but how would you define friendship?

Which elements are important for a good friendship? And what is better to avoid?

Which words and expressions can one use when talking about friendship?

A collection of posters created by students (in connection with watching a movie which is in our Erasmus+ – program).

What is friendship?
Good things about friends

October 2020