Exchange in a Box

Even if meeting in person in a “traditional” exchange is difficult due to restrictions (Covid-19), we are still staying in touch.

Letters, postcards, parcels are being sent all across Europe. Here are some pictures of parcels being sent and received.

A tube from France? And a wonderful poster for the schools’ Erasmus+ Corner.

Writing postcards, presenting local attractions and wildlife to all partner schools:

Chosing postcards
Writing postcards

A parcel from Spain: Chocolate and more – and a chance to contact partners via social media channels 🙂

An envelope from Turkey with lots of wonderful decoration. Thank you!

September 2021 – January 2022

Off to a bumpy start…

When we started planning our project, back in “the good old days”, we had high-flying ideas about travelling and meeting new friends. Little did we know that a new virus would appear to change our lives…

Now, at the beginning of our project, we are faced with a new reality. The plans that we made three quarters of a year ago seem almost impossible to realize. Travelling right now, especially with student groups, is nearly impossible as numbers of infections are on the rise again.

This is why we have postponed our first meetings. Instead, we are going to be working virtually, for example starting off with our logo competition.