Food of the Future

At the Futurium in Berlin, students worked in groups on several topics. In the exhibit, they collected information and pictures on their topic. These findings were than used to incorporate into further work and to create posters on several topics.

Presented here are the tasks and some of the results.

Where will our food come from in the future?

Agriculture: Growing food (vegetables, grain, fruits, …) on traditional fields is so 19th century.

  • Where will we plant, grow and harvest our food in the future?
  • Can we also modernize fish production in a similar way?

Farming / food production on a farm /
a more natural and social way to produce food

Traditionally, farmers produce their food, bring it to the market (either a small farmers market or a big distribution center) and hope they can sell their produce. They also hope to get enough money / to not go bankrupt. If they can’t sell their food, they have to throw it out. Big farms today rarely come into contact with us, the consumers. We as customers usually don’t have any contact with the farms and farmers. We have become distanced from our food.

How could a farm also be organized (today or in the future). In the future, there might be a more communal concept of agriculture: What is it called, what’s the concept behind it, how is it organised, how do people get involved, …?

Food from the laboratory /
Improving and enhancing our food with the help of science

  • Can science, scientific development, research help with the food we eat?
  • From the laboratory onto the field? Is that possible? If yes: How? Are there examples?
  • Genome editing

Environment and sustainability

  • Current environmental problems connected to food / farming / …
  • Possible ways to make producing food, shopping for food and eating food better for the environment.
  • What can we as individuals do? Can science help?

Current problems in food production

  • Monopolies, transport and energy consumption
  • “Hidden” costs / ecological costs
  • Are there suggestions to solve these problems?

Meat production

Humanity does not only eat vegetables, fruit & grain. We are omnivores.

  • Is there a better way to produce meat?
  • Where could the meat of the future come from?
  • A lot of research is still needed in the area: Which open questions are there?

Artificial, chemical, and virtual food

  • What’s that?
  • Can you eat it?
  • How is it produced, consumed, …?