Hike to Tibidabo Mountain

On the 8th of May, students from five different countries gathered for an exciting exchange meeting. The day’s highlight was a hike up Tibidabo Mountain 🌄⛰️, a picturesque peak near Sant Cugat. Let’s delve into the details of this memorable activity.


  • Early morning: The adventure began as students assembled at the school.
  • Hiking Route: The group embarked on a scenic trail leading to the summit of Tibidabo.
  • Midday: A well-deserved lunch break awaited the hikers. Everyone enjoyed a delightful picnic lunch, sharing stories and laughter – and catching their breath again.
  • 5:00 PM: The students returned to school, their phones filled with new scenic views of the environment.

Getting to Know Each Other

The Tibidabo hike served as an excellent icebreaker. As students trekked together, they chatted about their cultures, hobbies, and aspirations. The breathtaking views (and the breathtaking activity) acted as conversation starters, bridging gaps and fostering connections. The first day of the meeting allowed everyone to form bonds beyond borders.

Sports and the Mountain Connection

The overarching theme of the entire exchange meeting was sports / physical well-being. Tibidabo Mountain seamlessly fit into this theme. Here’s how:

  1. Physical Fitness: Hiking is a sport in itself. The steep trails challenged students’ and teachers’ endurance and stamina. They conquered the mountain as a team, pushing their limits.
  2. Teamwork: Just like in sports, teamwork was crucial during the hike. Students encouraged each other, shared water bottles, and lent helping hands on rocky sections.
  3. Nature’s Playground: Tibidabo provided a natural arena for physical activity. The fresh air, lush greenery, and panoramic vistas invigorated both body and mind.

In summary, the Tibidabo Mountain hike exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship, unity, and adventure. It was a day when international friendships blossomed, and the mountain became a symbol of shared experiences.