Social contact

Mobile phones and the content on these phones seem to be the focal point of students’ lives. They chat and share pictures with friends when they are not around. They look at pictures together, take selfies or create TikTok videos together when with friends. Activities during the meeting were chosen to bring students together, to have them have fun without mobile phones.

Ice skating

One hour of skating. Some students almost looked like professionals, gliding across the ice. Some were “amateurs”, more or less getting along, and for quite a number of participants this was a first time challenge. No matter what the skill: They got together in groups fitting with their level of competence, helped each other, and taught each other.

Capoeira workshop

To most participants, Capoeira still was unknown. So they first learned about its history, starting in Brazil, and how it now is a sport practices all around the world. Even though Capoeira is a martial art, it also combines music, dance and almost artistic elements. In addition, it encourages working together and the appreciation of each other’s skills.