Creativity: Selfie without phone

The internet presents us with a lot of content. Apps on our mobile phones help us with many everyday tasks. Also, there are creative apps which help us to enhance our photos, which give us pictures to colour in, which help us to choose matching colours etc.

A journey back in time is the question of how people would have taken “selfies” before the availability of cameras in mobile phones, before the invention of the camera.

In a first step, we visited the Van Gogh museum, particularly the collection of self-portraits. Each of these self-portraits is different, in a different style, with different accessories etc. The only thing that combines them, is the subject within the pictures (Vincent van Gogh) and his typical features (colour of his eyes, his hair, his beard).

With this inspiration, we returned to school and into the arts classroom. After some theoretical input on the typical proportions of the face, everyone set to work. With the help of mirrors (so not the phone camera) and with an individual choice of colours, we got creative.

Some of the results can be seen here.