Let’s Dance!

Workshop: Spanish Traditional Dances

In a spacious hall and theatre, the rhythmic beat of castanets and the swish of colorful clothing filled the air. Led by a passionate dance instructor, students and teachers learned the art of Spanish traditional dances. Flamenco came alive as feet tapped and hands clapped. The workshop transcended language barriers, and created joyful moments when the results of the learning experiences were presented on stage.

Afternoon Adventures

Visit to Sagrada Familia

Close to lunchtime we boarded a bus bound for the iconic Sagrada Familia. Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece stood before us—a symphony of stone and light. Students discovered the basilica’s intricate façade, revealing stories etched in stained glass. The Sagrada Familia became a metaphor for our exchange: a work in progress, a fusion of cultures, and a testament to human creativity.

Exploring the Gothic Quarter with Host Students

In the heart of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter welcomed us with narrow alleys, hidden courtyards, and centuries-old architecture. Paired with local host students, we wandered through history. Cobblestone streets told tales of Roman walls, medieval guilds, and Catalan resilience. The hosts shared their favourite cafés, secret viewpoints, and legends of the past.

Boat Trip on “Las Golondrinas”

Towards the evening, the group boarded the white-and-blue boat known as “Las Golondrinas” and sailed along Barcelona’s coastline. From the deck, we glimpsed the city’s skyline—the modern and the ancient coexisting harmoniously. As the boat glided under bridges, we raised our cameras, capturing reflections of our journey.

Cultural Threads and New Friendships

Throughout the day, the theme of both sports and unity wove through our experiences:

  • Dance: Just like the intricate steps of Spanish dances, our paths intertwined.
  • Architectural Marvels: Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter reminded us that creativity transcends time and place.
  • Water: Whether on land or sea, we navigated together, leaving ripples of friendship in our wake.