Life on, Internet off – Introduction

The internet – and particularly the mobile phones we use to access it – permeates our daily lives. One might even say: They dominate our lives. Wherever we go, whatever we do, they are our constant companion. Most people (particularly students) would agree to sentences like “I can’t live without it” or “Without it, I am lost”. At the heart of this part of our project was a look at the negative aspects and also the dangers of over-use and mis-use of mobile phones / the internet and to present alternatives for a life in which mobile phones might not be the protagonists.

Young people use the internet and their mobile phones mostly for social contact, taking pictures, and gaming. Moreover, they use it for finding information and for orientation (by using map services). For all of these uses, this part of the project offered alternatives. Some activities took place before the mobility, some during the mobility. After the mobility, students collected results and reflected on their experiences and findings as well as the meeting.