Water Sports Activity

On the last day of the meeting, students discovered several sports in the water at Torre de la Mora Beach. Some of the students came from various “colder” countries. For these, this was their first experience with such activities, making it an exciting and novel adventure.

The students were introduced to several water sports, each offering a different set of challenges and experiences:

  1. Kayaking: This activity provided the students with an opportunity to navigate the waters using their strength and coordination. It was a test of endurance and a chance to experience the thrill of gliding on water.
  2. Paddle Surfing: Also known as stand-up paddleboarding, this activity required balance and core strength. The students learned to stand on a board and use a paddle to move across the water, offering a unique perspective of the sea.
  3. Big SUP: Big Stand Up Paddleboarding is a team activity where multiple people paddle together on a large board. This activity fostered teamwork and coordination among the students.

The water sports activity at Torre de la Mora Beach was a resounding success. It provided the students with an introduction to various water sports, promoting physical fitness and teamwork. For many, it was a first-time experience that broadened their horizons and provided a memorable adventure. The students’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills were commendable, making the activity a valuable part of their overall educational experience.