Writing about identity

How do I write about my own identity?
Who am I anyway?
How can I express my feelings, my self?

When confronted with these questions, people quite naturally do not know how to answer. Still, when working on a “concentrated” / “distilled” text like short stories or poetry about one’s own identity,  it is possible to focus, rewrite, and come to a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s feeling, the “essence” of oneself.

The hardest part is always getting started. To ease the beginning, we used a number of auxiliary methods and writing exercises. Some results can be seen here.

What shapes us? It is not the place we come from. But the past we come from. The interests we come from. Students thus were asked to write about past and present experiences, interests, influences on themselves. 

Identity Poem
4 Identity Poems
I’m from…
We are from… (Identity Poem)